At QLD, we offer a range of services to help you get the most out of your products. For pricing or any additional inquiries about the services we offer, send us an email!


Our expert staff will analyze your needs and custom design a radio system that will work for you!


From mobile radios in trucks to complete systems in buildings, we have the skills to handle all your installation needs. 


All mechanical and electronic equipment can fail. Rest assured knowing you can rely on QLD to repair it fast.


We offer preventative maintenance checks on your equipment on an as requested, or scheduled basis.

System Design & Installation.

Every business has its own set of unique communication needs. Thats why our expert staff custom designs communication systems that are tailored to each customer.

To get started, we will assess your environment and ask what you need in a communication system. Design the best solution for your needs either with our Motorola Solutions or Cel-Fi™ solutions. We will then install and test you a custom system based on your individual needs. 


Repairs & Maintenance

To keep your equipment in good condition and prevent it from failing, we offer preventative maintenance checks. We can make these checks as you request them, or on a scheduled basis to ensure your equipment is always doing well.

If your equipment does fail, we can repair it for you fast. QLD repairs equipment in-house to save you valuable time and lower your costs!

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